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Zhou Yutong, Cheng Xiao beret, two styles which you love more?

by:ACE     2020-10-14
For many men and women of fashion malfunctions can be a faux pas, the popular words on the network & other; Bump unlined upper garment is not terrible, who ugly awkward & throughout; , clothes, let a person produce contrast, but if the bump is hat will not so embarrassed, because the hat is just a small part of total clothing, but also can match different styles of dress, so even if hit by a hat, as long as both proper collocation style can give a person the sense of fashion, without embarrassment. Don't believe see Cheng Xiao with Zhou Yutong wearing berets's effect, you will know! Cheng Xiao is one of the members of the girl, sweet, shape also is very good, can easily manage for a lot of style is dressed up, at a airport shortly before the street snap, Cheng Xiao wearing a beret, with a light brown coat and a pair of black pants. Blouse with hubble-bubble sleeve design, leisure with beautiful, plus the ornament of the beret, add a little lady, bring the collocation of whole a qualitative improvement. And Zhou Yutong in some fashion street snap is chosen with Cheng Xiao beret, but on dress collocation is chose a different style, the upper part of the collocation is one of the cool black T-shirt, lower body is tie-in a loose black suit pants. Instead of such clothing collocation beret, show a sense of handsome, personality. With the beret, Cheng Xiao collocation is sweet, architect Zhou Yutong collocation handsome, both collocation of style, though different, but is very good-looking, don't know the two styles which model do you prefer?
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