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Wool felt hat how to match a hallyu wind

by:ACE     2020-10-28
The collocation of Korean style is very fashionable, and more can highlight the characteristics of our Oriental, so has been very popular with the fashion people. The following professional hat manufacturer will share with you about the kind of Korean wave wind collocation wool felt hat. Black wool felt hat with a dark gray woolen cloth coat, contracted and the atmosphere of Europe and the United States considers itself, handsome and natural and unrestrained feeling, inside take pink sweater and a white tights, add pure and fresh and sweet flavor. Wool felt hat with a luxurious fur coat collocation can also hold oh, fur coat can wear a high mature temperament, with a hat after add nifty lively feeling to the girl, avoid too mature. Black wool felt hat cap to match the color of camel's hair fluffy coat, the loose soft coat looked very warm very have safe feeling, wear a lovely feeling of leisure, promote with black felt trilby modern feeling, add wet rocks.
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