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Wimbledon tennis tournament going on, let's see the players wear hat

by:ACE     2020-08-20
Tennis match one of the most high-profile events in the wimbledon tennis tournament was going on, many professional players are competing for the highest honor in green artificial sweat, in order not to let the sweat in the way the line of sight the players will wear appropriate adorn article will sweat absorption and isolation, some use absorb sweat band, some choose hats, now let's look at the professional tennis players in the game will choose what hat! Britain's Andy Murray choose the permeability is good breathable mesh cap Spanish players who choose the quick-drying cap Romania's Mr Harrer's selection is empty hat, this is also the design of more players to choose, is also on choice of Chinese contestant Denver empty hat! Belongs to the outdoor tennis and sweat is bigger, so the selection of hats are all have good ability to absorb sweat sweat isolation and permeability is good, you like friends looking at wimbledon tennis match estimates are ready, also very want to go on a field, choose a professional player on personally recommend hat, to make a big!
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