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Why many stars like fisherman hat?

by:ACE     2020-08-11
Speaking of fisherman cap, believes that many people would first think of the big ye go fishing, ha, ha, ha, actually in foreign countries, the fisherman cap is part of the Hiphop culture, a little hip-hop style, it is also a kind of classic popular sheet is tasted, like gao, NiNi, Zheng Shuang, zhang zi Lin also loved fisherman hat the goddess, in their street snap, fisherman hat mirror frequency is quite high. This time is about in everybody think less popular fisherman hat, maybe you will be so in love with! Fisherman cap is suitable for face is also pretty much, no matter you are round or oval faces, put on the fisherman hat has a star feeling, and even the square face wear it also has the effect of a shave, so no worry about being suitable. Because the material is qualitative soft, fisherman hat put on after the irregular wave type at the forehead, so will be more modified face, like some angular face, square face, the diamond can be very good. It is important to note that it is because the fisherman hat this type, so try to avoid to choose too wide brim design, or too soft collapse effect, wear up can appear very not spirit. Fisherman cap itself is reduction of age, and it will not make head appear larger, so big can try some bright color, beautiful beautiful red and white light, is a commonly used color in the street snap, it's worth a try. Choose fancy is not recommended because of the bad design and color of harness, and the fisherman cap is a handsome and the feeling of leisure, too flowery whole style is easy to be taken partial. Although the fisherman cap plasticity than other hats, but on collocation pays attention to is a handsome and cool feeling, match some of the neutral wind, cool, like a cowboy coat, t-shirts, tooling, and so on can make you handsome feeling full marks! Guangzhou Ace hatting factory set up 23 years, it is approved by the national related department registered enterprises, is a set design, plate making, production, cutting, sewing, embroidery, ironing, packing in the integration of professional hat factory professional processing custom: baseball cap, travel cap, caps, sports caps, empty top hat, mesh caps, children caps, flat hat, wash water cap, fisherman hat, cap, advertising cap, hat, eye cover caps, etc.
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