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Wholesale hats have to spot? Find a factory whether is better?

by:ACE     2020-07-02
In today's more to the more people pay attention to dress up, as a fashion item hat popular with more and more people, the market is becoming more and more big, attracted the attention of many businessmen, more and more people want to wholesale hat sales, but for a lot of new industry friends how to replenish onr's stock, where the stock is not very understanding, also have no way. For most new to hat industry friends, want to wholesale hat should be the first time think of factories, because when manufacturer of hat first-hand sources, cost is lower than other changed hands naturally. Looking for wholesale manufacturers usually have a problem, however, is the factory are generally not custom, rarely have a large number of spot/stock, most of the time may be only a few orders tail goods, quantity is not too much. So if you want to wholesale hat must spot? Wholesale hats do you want to find manufacturers wholesale? Wholesale spot benefit is fast, just arrange the delivery after order, but if not very urgent but also no need to say must wholesale spot, custom, depending on the quantity and the process actually 15 - fast 20 days will be able to finish production. And choose more free style, can be customized according to your own idea, don't like the spot is completed to finalize the design style, options are limited. As to whether to choose factory is better, if attached to batch of spot, the manufacturer should not be your first choice, if is custom, depending on the number of custom, if the number is more will find manufacturers wholesale is a good choice, prices have advantages, can choose design and process more and more full. If the number of custom is less, the cost of the custom is not necessarily better than other wholesalers have advantage, because the number of custom unit price is the root cap have a relationship, the lower the number of custom unit price will be higher. And some wholesalers hat low recovery tail from manufacturers of goods, so the price might be lower than the normal custom hat manufacturer. Spot wholesale hat does not have to, as long as the custom in advance, can catch the selling season. As to whether to find good factory, is not necessarily, manufacturer to customize the most advantages compared to other channels should be according to the custom demand, design process is optional, and the cost is high is low, still need according to the actual situation to determine.
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