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When the rainy season to how to choose the hat?

by:ACE     2020-10-24
Now in some places one to the rainy season, it will be fast for a week of rain. But at this time we will go out to play, play outside when the next rain sometimes when we don't want to carry an umbrella, so wear a hat is the best choice. But you know in the rain can choose what kind of hat to match, on a rainy day when what kind of hat which can be beautiful and can be effective for yourself from the rain? Just take a look at below: rain hat doesn't suit best hat is the fisherman hat soft side, although can block rain umbrella in the rain, but sometimes the rain touch the hat will be very difficult to do, wet the fisherman hat isn't clean. Rainy days of time also is not necessary to wear a sun hat, rainy days the sun first less intense, more major is hat usually has a very large area, is also not good operate on a rainy day. On rainy days the most suitable for wearing a hat's the baseball cap, baseball cap is really a great design, it can be suitable for almost any environment, on a rainy day when wearing a baseball cap which is fashionable and convenient.
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