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What's the relationship between NY baseball caps and MLB?

by:ACE     2020-08-13
The style of baseball caps in the market now so much, want to say is the most familiar words, NY logo on the way to baseball caps. And the NY hat can be found in every big MLB shop, maybe a lot of friends here will think NY and MLB are a brand or NY just MLB under the brand of a series. If you think that you are wrong, actually NY and MLB are not hat or clothing brand. Why and MLB baseball caps are so closely related? In fact, is a major league baseball (MLB 美国职业棒球大联盟) Abbreviations, as the world's largest baseball game, as the symbol of the surrounding the of all kinds of baseball is natural, and store of MLB is authorized trademarks for MLB baseball around the store. So NY? If you are a real baseball powder is impossible to ask this question, because the NY is the sign of the famous New York yankees baseball team, the yankees baseball team in the United States has more than 100 years of history, creating a lot of baseball games classic scenes, is the most famous baseball team, has quite a lot of fans around the world. So NY and MLB are not baseball cap brand, their actual hat manufacturer is the New Era, New Era is the only authorized manufacturer, MLB hats are all MLB teams are their production, so the MLB team baseball caps are not only a NY, other like Los Angeles dodgers, the Los Angeles angels baseball cap with the team logo and there are many, but because the yankees baseball team was so famous, number of fans, relatively more appear in our field of vision is more so. Plus there are also a lot of stars, celebrities occasional wear, more let NY baseball caps extend beyond baseball spread level. NY baseball cap can be said to be many MLB team hat the most shining one.
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