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What kind of hat hat manufacturer: ski should wear

by:ACE     2020-07-15
Ski hat factory tell you should wear what kind of hat? Ski cap cover is the main purpose of the head and ears, so you must be aware of when selecting a ski cap light and does not affect vision, good with elastic woven in fine wool. Skiing should wear what kind of hat should ski cap. When the head is skiing to protection and so on the choice of ski cap should be careful, must pay attention to keep warm. Good wool ski cap with elastic cap for the best, length to cover the ears as the first condition, to be close to the head and ears, so even after strenuous exercise is not easy to loose. Had better choose a head type, it only show the first half of the face, can prevent the cold wind blowing on face, glinting air because when skiing, if you don't do any protection measures, it is easy to damaged skin, is especially important to ladies. This year many ski cap in the ear and the design of two long and thin strip, this is the latest fashion hat, young women wear the new ski cap will appear very lively. But will not affect vision as appropriate. Hat the washing method 1, if there is any ornament on the cap should be removed. 2, the appropriate cleaning hat first slight soaked with water and neutral detergent. 3, with a soft brush gently scrub. Part 4, inner ring sweat band part > of < contact with the head coil scrubbing a few times more, to thoroughly wash the sweat scale and bacteria, of course, if you choose is antibacterial deodorizes material? That this step is free. 5, will be converted into four petals hat, gently get rid of the water, do not use the washing machine dehydration. 6, spread the hat, tuck inside the old towel, dry flat shade 7, avoid hanging to dry. Hat factory small make up to introduce hat knowledge is more than the content. If you want to processing custom hats, please visit the Ace hatting factory's website. Guangzhou Ace hatting factory is one of the minority through BSCI certification hat factory, and through ISO9001:2015 quality management system review.
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