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What is the difference between cap and beret

by:ACE     2020-06-13
What is the difference between cap and beret? Before compared this hat in the two points, let's see cap looks like, berets looks like. Cap design can be divided into several, is a traditional cap evolved from the hunter hat, one kind is curved eaves of the cap with a flat along the cap. Because both cap brim after flat like a duck mouth, known as cap, and the traditional cap its overall modelling is very want to duck mouth, with two kinds of cap on the cap after there is a big difference. Beret from military clothing has evolved a sum, flat, no brim, at first glance and the traditional cap or somewhat alike. What is the difference between cap and beret? Berets and curved eaves cap, flat along the cap to the difference as long as a look at the shape of the cap can distinguish, first beret no brim, the two cap has; Beret without tail buckle design, the two cap would include; Beret flat in shape, the two cap are dome. As for beret and the difference between traditional cap, mainly on the cap, though both are flat on cap, but traditional cap cap will is in the shape of the duck mouth and hat there is a whole shape, not feel as soft berets come. Custom hat choose professional hat manufacturer & ndash; — Ace hat!
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