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What are the good cap tide brand?

by:ACE     2020-08-25
Fashion brand with in our daily life, most of the popular logo products in addition to clothing, cap-factory.com/products' target='_blank'>hat is also one of the main product of many popular logo, don't know you tide people to cap the trend of the brand and understand how much? Below the Ace hat will share with you a few cap nice fashion brand. 1, the forceful Supreme1994 in autumn was born in Manhattan, New York, USA, by James Jebbia establishes. The name's original intention is the highest, supreme. Name is combined with slide, Hip Hop culture and American street clothing brand is given priority to with a skateboard. Name as popular logo is loved by many fashionistas, is fashionable tide people part of every standard. The forceful cap look you see the celebrity stars wear will know! 2,, 白色的, Brand name OFF - WHITE WHITE C/O VIRGIL ABLOH, means & other; Between black and white and grey area between & throughout; , representing the & other; Hybrid street aesthetic feeling and high fashion & throughout; 。 As a high street brand in the United States, OFF - WHITE is the result of American street style, is a from the street, but not limited to street fashion brand, just less than 4 years, as today's street fashion level shrines, one of the popular logo influence is immeasurable. The unique creative design is OFF The characteristics of the WHITE, both in clothes and hat style, trendy look good, so nice cap popular logo on OFF - how could you not WHITE! 3. Stussy Stussy is America's oldest and one of the most pure street brand, founder Shawn Stussy skateboard to suits, overalls, old school uniform to join the design inspiration, was meant to be a musician, extreme sports, DJ and artists' way of life, is the pioneer of the international trend of street style. Stussy hat design simple, stylish, very suitable for style to pursue low-key fashion friend. 4. 95 HSPM HSPM is a new brand for the mainstream consumer groups, after the products through cooperation with the world top designers, artists, around Athleisure ( Sports and leisure) Style. Relative to the front of a few popular logo HSPM or younger, is a recent by ins popular a potential popular logo, HSPM are very distinctive and creative product design, the iconic double quotes in combination with a variety of hat is stylish with beautiful shape.
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