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Wear a hat of some use in the summer

by:ACE     2020-08-05
Summer, strong sunlight, will cause a series of adverse effects on the human body, make the skin suntan, lead to cataracts, sunburn, skin and cause skin cancer. Go out in the strong sunlight, wear a together is very necessary. Can prevent the sun insolates, protect the mind, and is advantageous to the heat, is helpful to health. Choose the hat method: 1, to see whether the brim: wide-brim hats eye. The wide-brim hats not only can protect the skin, and the eye that can play a role. For boys, can choose a handsome cap, baseball cap; For girls, you can choose sweet lovely wide-brim hats. 2, the quality of a material: cotton hat best. Cotton is soft, not scratch baby, comfort is strong; Cotton safe non-toxic, absorb sweat, breathable, let the children from the hardship of sweat. At the same time, the cotton's ability to block ultraviolet ray is stronger. 3, the density of the watch: satin fabric is best. Good sun hat must be closely, uniform texture, satin fabric is best, followed by twill, plain. This hat is prevented bask in effect is good, and both permeability at the same time. 4, see color: light color hat is prevented bask in the effect is good. Such as dark black coat absorb sunlight is higher, prevent bask in effect is the worst. And light color coat sunshine reflectivity is as high as 85%, less absorption of solar radiation, prevent bask in effect is better. Bought for a child's sun hat, therefore, to the preferred light color fastens, boys can choose the sky blue, light green; Girls can choose pink, yellow and so on. The role of 1, increasing the beautiful summer hat if choose and buy a beautiful and stylish hat, can put the gray hair & other; Wrap & throughout; Live; If the cap of the style and color match the clothes, can show in coordination and beautiful. There is a dialect, said & other; Stunt stunt, Jue in head & throughout; 。 But the old white head, can make a hat to beautify. 2, prevent bask in radiation protection in order to avoid the ultraviolet radiation damage, choose a style and color match the clothing hat, nothing more than a good way of both fashion and practical. 3, with protective function a cap on the head, one thousand have a slight scratches, hat can & other; Buffer & throughout; Once in a while. The elderly response is relatively slow, physical condition more young people also fragile, so give appropriate protection is necessary. Guangzhou Ace hatting factory is a professional hat manufacturer, specialized for the production custom all kinds of hats.
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