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Want to find a nice cowboy hat? To see the characters wear in the western world

by:ACE     2020-08-22
Speaking of a cowboy hat, we will think of the cowboys of the west, and said to the cowboys of the west we have to mention HBO's hit TV drama 'in the western world'. The show as we showed a high reduction in the western world, the scene inside passes elaborate design, clothing, and cowboy hat as the cowboys of the west's most iconic accessories are indispensable in the beauty in nature. Let's review our good cowboy hat worn by the characters in the play. Old William's old William wore the black cowboy hat don't know what you think, black with a black cowboy clothing modelling, for dark, mysterious, cold character adds a lot of points. Harlan Bell this patterned cowboy hat, individual character is dye-in-the-wood, very accord with natural and unrestrained, arrogance uninhibited Harlan play 'image. Teddy simple traditional cowboy hat and brown teddy the role itself, as a green leaves beside she completes the escort and the role of the foil, this simple cowboy hat don't need too outstanding beauty, simple and traditional modelling traditional cowboy image can foil a teddy. William young youth justice William, rice white cowboy hat very accord with its vital qi, the image of a gentleman. Cowboy hat in the western world, almost a deserve to act the role of men's hands, just grab a few group of play are wearing a different type of cowboy hat on his head. Good-looking cowboy hat, so want to have a look at the western world might still will find it, really can conveniently make track for a TV show! Even if can be found in the play nice cowboy hat can't buy? Can be customized, cut a clear figure to look for professional manufacturers can according to sample custom!
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