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Tourism travel tip cap collocation

by:ACE     2020-07-01
The collocation of the summer go out travel in addition to dress collocation is the most important thing is that hat! To block the sun at the same time, can put all sorts of modelling. So go out of the photo are very simple. Beach hat is very popular, it is tie-in dress is simple. Toward, or sand wind, lovely wind, is to harness. Girls like small and pure and fresh style, big can look good. Contracted style beach hat, light color fastens tie-in dress is relatively more convenient. Korean style clothes match is super good! Black sleeve t collocation in a grid, wide leg pants, it looks small and pure and fresh look ever! But as go out tourism, combined with a simple beach hat 9 is very perfect, take pictures how to have a feeling! The same match as long as the attention of the color slightly above alignment can match a different sense! A yellow coat to the person feel more lively girl. Tie-in beach hat at the same time, you can pay attention to the hair style collocation, slightly two plait will appear more young girl! And make up is also simpler! ! ! ! Now that is essential artifact go out to travel, go to the beach more accord with, of course! Dress up to go to the beach more leisure will be more in line with the feeling of the beach! Dark green, department of condole belt vest, style of skirts is tie-in a grid, a fairy's at the same time or with lovely! Carrying a big canvas bag, Korean girl style is very clear! Such collocation do you like it? Can quickly learn up guangzhou Ace hatting factory was set up for 23 years, was approved by the national related department registered enterprises, is a set design, plate making, production, cutting, sewing, embroidery, ironing, packing, which integrates professional hat factory. The main custom products are: baseball caps, travel cap, caps, sports caps, empty hat, mesh caps, children caps, flat caps.
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