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Tong qu, lovely and cute cartoon hat

by:ACE     2020-06-19
Hat custom usually by adopting some technology by modifying the hat, and when the process for hat add a lovely delicate cartoon image, the hat, instantly become a full of tong qu, cute cute cartoon hat. The following Ace will share with you a few nice cartoon hat. 1. Spongebob cartoon spongebob hat no matter adults or children are all very favorite cartoon image, this kind of hat embroidery technique will be the image of spongebob squarepants show on hat, the color of the hat itself is also adopted the spongebob's iconic yellow, can be said to be the image of the sponge perfect show on hat, of course, if can design more party may be more reduction! 2. Destroy the cartoon on the hat it speak out the image of the cartoon and the printing on the hat as a modification, the iconic infinite glove clenched his fists and destroyed barings gem's iconic expression is very outstanding, the overall look very cute fun, destroy the bully was once known as through pure villain, believe a lot of bully powder will be like the peg the cartoon on the hat! 3. Dumbo cartoon hat dumbo is very classic cartoon image, this kind of hat adopted dumbo classic image as a modification, the exquisite embroidery technology will look like little fly like perfect again on the hat, sign big ears separate left and right sides is symmetrical, the classic little hat also did not forget, plus a small cute little face and it of not, your feelings party, how can you miss! 4. We grey hat we bud is bird shan Ming's a very classic cartoon image, is one of the hallmarks of her head and a baseball cap with wings, this kind of hat is lovely and pretty, but also many childhood memories, is very popular, which leads to a lot of fake money? Cartoon hat lovely and beautiful, tong qu, actually is not the patent of children, adults wearing also is very handsome but also bring some sunshine handsome and cute? You also want to put your favorite cartoon image of engraving on the hat? Consulting our Ace stand, we should be able to help you!
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