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The original hat and this role! Jay Chou because don't know at that time also had big losses

by:ACE     2020-08-07
The hat for the collocation of clothing we all know this, but in addition to this, hat what other role did you know? This role many stars know actually, but also very commonly used, this role is & other Camouflage & throughout; 。 General hat because there will be the brim, so as long as wear darker, when wear will brim downward, can make the face below the eye, is an acquaintance want to spot to have the difficulty. Many star daily travel will wear a hat, wearing a mask is trying to take advantage of hats, masks and other Camouflage & throughout; Tracking function, to avoid the paparazzi, enjoy a moment of peace. But we don't need this function, so I don't know is also very normal, jay Chou also because I don't know when I started out this function had lost. 'Chinese good voice' on the program before jay's song has revealed he had a red red, walking in the street could be heard their songs, but no one know yourself. This time beside tse and harlem word speaks the truth & other; Your hat is too low, I also want to know what you look like! ” Yes, the new jay Chou is always wearing a hat, and wear very deep, I don't know hat is & other; Camouflage & throughout; The function of jay is to eat a big lost! But in the end it's just a tse with harlem to jay Chou's a little fun. Although there are & hat is other Camouflage & throughout; Function, but you don't use it to conceal his identity to do some shady! They have told & other; Justice has long arms & throughout; , you see so many stars of the cheat, cheat is known, that isn't wearing a hat, or be caught! So the hat would have been nice to know that this effect, with less still had better. Custom hat choose professional hat manufacturer & ndash; — Ace hat!
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