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The hero spider-man 2: expedition in the hat

by:ACE     2020-08-28

'Spider-man 2: hero expedition' is in theaters in full, just go to the cinema to see the small make up also and inversion to the film highlights plot was delicious, but as a hat industry workers, drama and hot image in the film, in addition to attract me there was one thing caught my attention, is there some supporting wearing a hat. The second part of the story is mainly about the spiderman and friends to meet all kinds of crisis in the process of European travel stories, and said the travel nature is little not all kinds of equipment, the stylist is also very carefully for each role with the appropriate clothing collocation, but what impressed me most is for us men's iron elder brothers of the Lord xiao pang elder brother cloth cap, the hat, I saw there is a very familiar feeling, because in our product library images have a very similar. Fatso little brother wear cloth cap, specifications and our product library this almost, but brim is with a little bit of bending and mistook the brim is a design and color. In addition a appeared in the movie the hat and make I remember the deeper than the teacher wear cap ( Have called the hunter hat) , pure grey color, very simply, the mature of a hat. Impression in the film are deep of the two, and other little elder brother's girlfriend also wear a hat, but can't remember, do not know to have friend like me to notice these characters wear a hat? Mark the next time you travel you can also put on a happy oh!
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