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The Gospel - round face in MM - The choose and buy of hat tricks

by:ACE     2020-10-24
In order to make the face look less full, can choose a longer hoods and asymmetric brim, this will increase the length of face, more tridimensional. Octagonal hat-cap-factory.com/products' target='_blank'>cap is suitable for round face women, exaggerated brim will make the person produces the feeling that the smaller face. Neck short people don't choose colorful hat. Eyebrow qing qing, gentle and graceful figure of a person can choose the color more colourful or romantic color hat. Facial features flat, mushroom type of artist cap, don't put all hair in hat, set aside a little clear sea, can make the face look smaller. In general, the hat in the location of the eyebrows slightly above will be very attractive, but face a short one, hat can put back a bit; But face round or face big friend, hat, to the side Angle will have the effect of the narrow face. Hat with color of skin color of skin ruddy, choose the hat has a wide range of colors, with a lot of color coordination. Gray skin color, suitable for the purity is not high in the middle of the color, white jade, stone green, shallow blue, brown, lilac wait, don't choose gorgeous color. White skin, the color of the hat for is more, but because white skin is easy to give a person tender feeling, choose a hat so, should avoid to choose the color of white, or close to white. Dark-skinned people when choose bright-coloured color hat, attention should be paid to the overall effect of the dress. Yellow skin people should not be yellow, and green hat, but if the deep dark brown, purple lotus wait for color, greenish grey, grey hat and dress appropriate combination, also can obtain good effect. Hat and body tall hat appropriate shoulds not be small, or you will give a person the sense light head heavy. A slender hat should be small not big, can give a person top-heavy sense otherwise. Short statures 8 women unfavorable Dai Ping hat, tall women should not be high cap. Choose the hat should foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, both to put right, and to make others look beautiful. As for petite people if you can choose the hat and clothes color close, make up and body color close or mutual echo, will have the effect of elongated shape. Round-faced people hat tips of choose and buy
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