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The fisherman hat fire! One of the most popular fisherman top8 cap material

by:ACE     2020-06-25
Domestic sweep hip-hop frenzy recently, stars also have physically, confirm the hip-hop boom that flashed their respective & other; 自由泳” , and one of the most frequently, is shaped like water barrels of fisherman's hat. Fisherman cap with flexible cap body, can freely into the jacket pocket and is enjoyed by people, the early Israel defense forces and the Vietnam war us wear hat, are linked to the fisherman cap shape and material is very similar, but the fisherman hat development up to now, has been far more than just a soft polyester 190 t this kind of material. Top8 hemp qualitative black vest and black pleated pencil skirts, undoubtedly feminine, tie-in feet tassel slippers and mini woven bag with wide brim hemp qualitative fisherman caps add many holiday atmosphere. Top7 paint quality with oversize short-sleeved shirts, and shorts revealing a Bra and flat waist and abdomen, not only shows the good figure and slightly nifty, two pens and make the finishing point, from the orange paint quality fisherman cap and fastens with color lipstick, is really beautiful. Top6 cotton qualitative white pleated skirt campus small and pure and fresh, under the collocation of black cowboy coat increase slightly hale and hearty, black cotton fisherman cap, and garnet lipstick foil out of the girl's cool. Top5 chamois leather tall waist edge grinding cowboy wide-legged pants, show the superior long legs and slender waist, with brown velvet coat do not decrease vitality, black suede fisherman hat add nifty feeling, different capable person interweave the modelling of restoring ancient ways is full of affection. Top4 PVC quality of a plain white modelling, be a PVC material green fisherman hat bland, enriched modelling color at the same time, not only the suction eyeball and fun. Top3 cowboy black thread vest, be petals brim blue edge grinding fisherman hat, cowboy seem particularly feminine, brow glasses show a female intellectual beauty, full of French amorous feelings. Ranked by bright chip oversize white shirt, and ripped jeans minimalism, tie-in suede wine red high-heeled shoes create a woman flavour, the waist coat on improve the waist line, stretch your legs on the vision, balance & other; Her boyfriend force & throughout; Light plate, fisherman caps add fashionable feeling restoring ancient ways to shape. Top1 velvet texture of a yellow jumpsuit tie-in logo slippers appear vitality again along with the gender, and velvet texture fisherman cap, but add a elegant feeling for this along with the gender, very interesting. Fisherman hat is now increasingly popular, whether it's changing its soft texture, or a wide variety of styles, are all beautiful cool daily collocation and choice. Still etc. What, hurriedly become the tide, the most flattering that man. Guangzhou Ace hatting factory is a focus hat design research and development production of enterprises, the hat company, has been more than 23 years of mature and perfect production experience, and ODM services tailored for hat at home and abroad to provide OEM customization. Has its own standard workshop of 6000 square meters, with internal printing, embroidery, procurement, perfect facilities, such as documentary department, 150 skilled workers, four assembly lines operation, ensure order delivery on time, because the single-minded, so professional. Ace can provide customers with: customize the fisherman hat, baseball cap, sports cap, gift cap, advertising cap, travel cap, promotional cap, cap, all cotton hat, cap, wash water cap, adult hat, child hat, five caps/six pages hat, sun hat/empty hat, flat hat/cap, hat all sorts of styles, such as material hat custom service, 3 - 5 days fast proofing and on time delivery, the company's website: http://www. 正泰物流- - - - - - 帽。 Com /, welcome to come to consult, for custom hat you like.
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