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The fisherman cap is too loose, how to prevent the fisherman hat off?

by:ACE     2020-06-25
Fisherman cap is many people favorite hat, but unlike baseball hat, cap, fisherman, didn't can be adjusted in the custom with choice, so if at the time of purchase not to choose suitable for the size of the head size, wears it might be too easy to fall, and there are not adjusted. So if the fisherman hat really is too loose, it is easy to fall, have what good method can prevent? Band some fisherman cap itself with a belt, design for fixed hat, prevent hat was blown run by strong winds, we can follow this design, to find a compare collocation and fisherman hat color cord sewing on the fisherman cap, the operation is simple and easy to do, and even the fisherman cap is loose after a bind fixed method, need not worry about the fisherman cap will be lost! With hairpin using bind method may find some friends can influence the fisherman hat the look and feel of the originally, so for friends don't like to add seam strap can consider with hairpin. Girls to clip should not strange, is little used for hair clip, how to do? Actually the principle is to use a few hair clips through the hat again hair clips, reach the role of fixed hat, as to how to look at yourself through the hat and how to operate! If your hat design itself have hole in the cap circumference is best, if not you can not damage the hat yourself to wear under the condition of several ( 2 - Three should line) , true not line, can sew up two small belt, is one of a long narrow table cm belt along the cap around an empty head a tail sewn in the middle, shading hairpin can through the middle again hair clips, which have the effect of fixed hat. This method all the operations are carried out inside the hat, all seems to be no change from the outside, and will not affect the original fisherman cap up feeling. Cap to prevent fishermen drop method of small make up the thought of the two, there are other better ways, you can also discover and share with us! But these are too late, had better select suitable size when buying, so as to effectively avoid these problems.
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