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The benefits of a hat

by:ACE     2020-08-21
Wear a hat what are the benefits? After understanding you might even more in love with a hat! Hat besides can let us look more fashion, more handsome, more beautiful, still can make us more health, even can prevent hair loss! , according to the medical research in static state is much heat accounted for the biggest part of the head, accounted for 30% of overall 15 ℃, 4 ℃ is even 60% of the overall, this means that the head is the place where we are most likely to cold, and if the cold head can cause vascular contraction, leading to dizziness, headache, nutrient cycle disorders, scalp hair follicle metabolism disorder, these symptoms can have effects not only to our health, also can cause hair nutrient unbalance, lead to hair loss. So proper heat preservation is necessary for the head, especially the life in the place where the climate is cold in the north of friends, and to the head warm what can I do better than a hat? So life friend of mine in the south of the climate is warm, even if, when winter temperatures are few down to single digits, if the demand for hat is not so big? Because of less need to keep warm. Yes, the south's friend is really not big to the functional requirements of the hat to keep warm, but the function of the hats and the shade is prevented bask in really need is a friend of the south. Can cause harm to the head in addition to low temperature and hot sun exposure and ultraviolet ray, they is very big to the harm of skin and hair, long accepted the sun and ultraviolet radiation may also lead to hair loss, and can even cause skin problems. So put on a hat for the appropriate protection also is very be necessary. In addition to shade sunscreen, warm from the cold outside in winter, summer hats can also help us through the day of the lazy don't want to wash your hair, long hair girl every shampoo is very troublesome, sometimes when I was too busy or too tired don't want to wash your hair, but a few days not to wash the mess, greasy hair out of the street, and afraid of being found that affect their fair maiden, this time a hat can not only cover up the fact that didn't wash for you, also can play a good decoration effect. Beautiful and easy, so a good hat do you also want to be? Hurriedly saddled a watch the door at home!
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