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戈尔- Tex baseball cap, wear waterproof hat it rain all not afraid

by:ACE     2020-08-15
Hat have shade sunscreen function, which we are familiar with, but for which has the function of waterproof hat we may hear less, that's because it custom hat's waterproof function depends on the fabric, and the waterproof performance of the fabric and not so much, so most fabrics custom hats are not have waterproof function. Today we are going to introduce this kind of hat is adopted the waterproof performance is very excellent fabrics GORE - The production of GORE - TEX TEX baseball cap. The GORE - TEX baseball cap is produced by the New Era, the design used them the most commonly used flat along the baseball cap style, but it is the biggest characteristic is adopted GORE - TEX fabric production. What is the GORE - Gore-tex? Gore-tex ( 戈尔- TEX) Fabric is W in the United States. l 戈尔& Associates Inc . ) ( Gore company) Sole invention and production of a light, thin film, solid and durable, it has the waterproof, breathable, and windproof function, breakthrough generally not breathable waterproof fabric defects, so is known as & other; Century cloth & throughout; 。 Therefore the GORE - Gore-tex custom baseball cap model of the biggest characteristics is a very good waterproof, air permeability and thin and comfortable, very suitable for wear for outdoor activities. Encounter a rainy day even didn't carry an umbrella, wearing a hat is not afraid to get wet head!
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