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Sun mi book 'Noir' with rabbit, put on rabbit sun mi is still so beautiful!

by:ACE     2020-07-26
On March 4, sun mi unveiled their latest single 'Noir' and MV, seen the MV friends should know this song is actually a bit ironic now the meaning of social networking, xuan beauty itself plays in the MV is a want to red web celebrity, PO out all sorts of wonderful work photos online video expect to attract eyeball. Scene in the MV is sun mi wear rabbit self-time, known as rabbit recently used in the network, has attracted a lot of network anchor copycat rabbit self-time, live on. So the sun mi this MV is the focus in the revenue among them. Although with some black style MV, but put on rabbit sun mi is still so beautiful! Rabbit is actually to animal image design of the set of head cap, was mainly aimed at the object should be a child, but because it's cute image and ear design is very interesting, so only after be Shared to the network quickly. But like other network hot spots, hot and cold fast, web celebrity rabbit son cap of the heat did not last for a long time, fresh out of rabbit just fun, you play it. But too much will be bored with, and will pursue the next fresh interesting things. This is today's network common phenomenon. Sun mi the new MV is very meaningful, with a black humor reminds us not to gain heat network, get lost, numb feelings, social networking should be let us share with relatives and friends like happy things, rather than grandstanding, and even to only be used for the pursuit of the interests of the tools of copper bad smell. Finally to put on rabbit meimei da sun mi a CAII! Hat we Ace stand xuan beauty with rabbit ears can also be customized! Custom hat choose professional hat manufacturer & ndash; — Ace hat!
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