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Store requisition women naked? Advertising and marketing to bo person eyeball not so no limit

by:ACE     2020-08-05
Women employees in store requisition streaking the word out, how be to return a responsibility? Originally is a store in haikou longhua as 12 anniversary celebration activities, raised & other; WeChat reading 880000, 10 store employee streaking throughout the &; Banner, the banner of a really attracted the attention of many people, to win a lot of attention of the outside world, people just focus on the vulgar, without limit, the propaganda and voice are one-sided blamed on its behavior. And then the mall also because this propaganda of the pulp was haikou city women's federation, longhua district women's federation, longhua area gangbusters parties institutions such as punishment and education. Had 12 anniversary is a very good advertising and marketing chance, but the store in order to bo person eyeball used propaganda way out of no lower limit, led to negative effect. Actually advertising and marketing to bo person eyeball 'and why do you use so no lower limit way, tell you hat factory customized advertising caps also suck eyes! Advertising caps are offline promotion very effective marketing means, in hat custom technology developed today, advertising cap can be custom-made style can say you want to suck eye is much more eye, and the cost is not high also, just imagine if the market for 12 years anniversary to adopt as a means of advertising and marketing, advertising cap store employees wear hats in the day and customers also distribute certain advertising cap for each entry, certainly can gain better propaganda effect! About cap advertised publicity advantage in front of us the advantages of advertising cap, there is a detailed list, you are interested can look at! Custom hats to choose professional hat manufacturer & ndash; — Ace hat!
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