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Spot the connection between the hat and customized hat

by:ACE     2020-11-02
Now we go out will commonly use to a tool that's hat, everyone will have different whether in winter or summer hat. Come and see with hat factory about below what are the different between spot hat and customized hat? To see: for now on the market some hat procurement in two types - According to the requirements and the spot purchase, custom price your cut has a certain time limit for a project, spot purchasing cost low cut need time is short, the buyer can choose according to their requirements and procurement budget whether the custom and cash purchase. Hat custom is a complicated process, it is necessary to the examination and approval links of supply and demand of each hat to start production. The value of time often costs more than the hat itself, but the value of hat finished goods is also very big, such as an activity promotion caps, can have very good publicity effect, thereby increasing product sales. Or a brand's memorial service, custom hats will play a very significant effect, can let everybody deepen the impression and brand publicity, is also a kind of soft wide way of implants. Spot wholesale general guest is required by the low cost, and short time of procurement mode. Often claim to the hat is not high, or are one-time hat, so purchasing hats using the object is very popular, price requirements and nature is very low.
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