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Song joong ki appeared after the divorce, wearing 'hat' lit up

by:ACE     2020-08-24

Shortly before the double song ( Song joong ki, song hye-kyo) Divorce, had at that time we assume the reason for the two people divorce, opinions vary, but all sorts of views of the online always just guess from a third party, Song Zhong and if both parties are always song hye kyo gave no answer. And hasn't happened in the public eye after the furore song joong ki appearance in a few days ago by netizens Po out dinner with friends on the Internet, recent photo Song Zhong basic people look good, and wearing a green cap seems to have pointed, let a person can't help my commitments. Song joong ki a casual white shirt in the photo, wearing a recreational cap, and the top cap is green, for all we know in our China cuckold potential means your partner cheating, don't know if cuckolded in South Korea have a meaning, or the subtext of song joong ki know cuckold son? No matter song joong ki the appearance is wearing a green cap intentionally or simply like this particular green cap to wear, anyway the somebody else have each well, each whitewash would continue to support their idol. But aren't fans all love the pursuit of star with money, don't know the song joong ki the green cap, does anyone want to?
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