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Out all the stars of 'no cap not huan'

by:ACE     2020-06-22
Count the & other; No cap unhappy & throughout; Stars of the hat is very good-looking, fashion accessories, nature also are adored by many fashion celebrities, stars, stars in each big occasions as well as daily life wearing a hat is not uncommon sight, Ace will count together with you today what & other; No cap unhappy & throughout; The stars. Kong kong one I haven't seen him since his debut hair singer, each occasion will wear a hat, hip-hop cap, cap, knitted caps, all kinds of style of hat, he has to say is a hat. Hot dog hat can be said to be a symbol of the hip hop artist, and one of the hot dog, as a representative Chinese hip-hop, hat is also essential to deserve to act the role of his present each big occasions. DJ orange circle of DJ orange is also a singer in a hat to go will be wearing his beloved all kinds of hats, and hot dogs two brothers go together like a pair of hat. Rihanna on the stage of rihanna hat is not many, but privately she really is a hat, in a lot of photos we can see her wearing a hat, a variety of cap collocation a variety of dress up day by day, is really a fashion beautiful Hold people can't Hold! Michael. Michael Jackson. Jackson is not strictly a hat, his list just because he represents a hat, as of today, see the jazz cap first thought he and his standard action. Love a lot of stars and hats, small make up knowledge shallow first can only think of several of the above, welcome to add!
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