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Often wear a hat originally there are so many benefits? Social people, learn about

by:ACE     2020-07-24
Hat has a sunshade, decoration, and protective effect of warming. So a lot of more phyletic, the choice also has exquisite. So we often wear a hat of benefits do you understand? 1. For the hair to keep warm in the winter cold by the medical research found that under the condition of fixed to people who do not wear a hat, when the environmental temperature of 15 ℃, the heat from the head loss of the human body 30% of the total quantity of heat, 4 ℃, 60% of the total calories. If the head cold, can cause cerebrovascular contraction, light feel dizziness, headache, circulation and nutrition scalp hair follicle or cause metabolic disorders, resulting in nutrient unbalance of the hair or a lot of hair fall off naturally. Serious may also trigger some diseases of patronage. So visible in the cold winter, the head and other parts of the body, also need to warm the cold. 2. In the environmental pollution can be hair dust pollution prevention now social environment pollution is more and more serious, in the sand, dust, not only your hair blow in a mess, the more serious is touched in the head hair of microbes and dust like sand paper on the gravel, wreak havoc on your scalp, the microorganisms may be invisible to the naked eye can cause your scalp bacterium, even lead to infections of the hair follicle, directly affect the quality of living environment and the growth of the hair. However, if you put on the hat of a suitable, not only to her hair, put on a beautiful coat, is also very effective hindered dust and the harm of the hair. 3. Can for the hair bask in fierce fierce japan-china anti-radiation many love beautiful lady in the summer armed sun protection measures, especially in the colorful umbrella, is prevented bask in and show amorous feelings, but often ignore the power of the sun in winter, when you walk also always chasing the sun. In fact, due to the winter air dry aged, the strong ultraviolet ray in sunshine through the degree is not low, so don't be lightly of winter sun. Still should prevent insolation. So, in order to avoid the ultraviolet radiation damage, choose a style and color match the clothing hat, nothing more than a good way of both fashion and practical. The most important thing is that a normal hat can let you no longer for daily hair, reduce the burden of props to the hair of the head more, love beautiful women will always be sad, for those who don't obey their hair put on his hat and then everything OK, still appear more fashion! Originally there are so many benefits often wear a hat, the social society, you know? Guangzhou Ace hatting factory is a dedicated hat custom design research and development production of enterprises, the existing more than 23 years of mature and perfect production experience, and ODM services tailored for hat at home and abroad to provide OEM customization. Has its own standard workshop of 6000 square meters, with internal printing, embroidery, procurement, perfect facilities, such as documentary department, 150 skilled workers, four assembly lines operation, ensure order delivery on time, because the single-minded, so professional. Ace can provide customers with: baseball cap, sports cap, gift cap, advertising cap, travel cap, promotional cap, cap, all cotton hat, cap, wash water cap, adult hat, child hat, five caps/six pages hat, sun hat/empty hat, flat hat/cap, fisherman cap/hat all sorts of styles, such as the material of the hat custom service, 3 - 5 days fast proofing and on time delivery, the company's website: http://www. 正泰物流- - - - - - 帽。 Com /, welcome to come to consult, for custom hat you like.
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