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Manufacturer of custom hats have a minimum quantity? What is the minimum quantity?

by:ACE     2020-08-07
Manufacturer of custom hats have a minimum quantity? Ace hat to tell you, the answer is yes, and we also met many heard after the minimum quantity is stop. Why are there so many customers because there is no order minimum quantity problem, our factory still adhere to the minimum quantity? General factory custom hats how much is the minimum quantity of an order? Why do you want to set the minimum quantity? This is a very real problem, it is profit. Because is produced directly from the manufacturer, so the custom of every hat need to compute the labor cost, material cost, etc. , different style, different color hat need material is different, if the order quantity is too little, so material above the loss will be relatively large. So set minimum quantity is to strike a balance on fees and costs, we can earn meager profits. As for minimum quantity, different manufacturers should have different Settings, the minimum quantity of an order as our Ace hat in 500, like 100, 200, of course, we are doing the list, but the custom unit price may increase, as we mentioned above in order to strike a balance on fees and costs, so if the quantity is little requires the corresponding improving custom unit price, so that our manufacturer is not a loss. As for some individuals want to customize a, two top hat, we usually don't do this order, this kind of customer our manufacturer more Suggestions to like taobao platform for business custom will be more cost-effective. And you now to the problem is the minimum quantity of an order for custom hats have a probably understanding, in fact, in summary, if a large quantity of your custom find a factory must be affordable, if less looking for a manufacturer like several, dozens of custom is not cheaper than outside businessmen.
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