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'Macro yan for water' with customized hat you can have

by:ACE     2020-08-28

On July 3, in baidu Create2019AI developers conference because a bottle of water to let What’ S your problem became the web celebrity word night, reason is baidu CEO robin li is an audience during a speech on the stage with a bottle of water came to a head, then Mr.  Li EQ is very high to the behavior of the audience replied. So this sentence instantly rose to fame in the network, and active thinking of the net friend also quickly to the scene came up with an appropriate noun & other; Macro yan for water & throughout; 。 But quick in addition to the net friend of thinking, and merchants, this scene by netizens quickly made cartoon, and merchants have some custom t-shirts in his shop launched with a T-shirt, the response speed is fast enough, out on the day, the day is designed out of the same T-shirt. After read this T-shirt, as my hat custom practitioners, it is natural to think of, can the logo on the T-shirt customization and natural to use on the hat is no problem, does not use embroidery or printing process will be the logo printing on the hat, if you want to have such a & other; Macro yan for water & throughout; Hat, you can find our consultation! However, this kind of LOGO or may be involved in the copyright, rights and other issues, if you really want to customize or should pay attention to this problem under the first!
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