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Learn these knitted cap collocation easily face small

by:ACE     2020-07-30
Learned these knitted cap collocation easily show smaller, knitted cap is good, can a second light model. And, more importantly, when the day cold don't wash your hair and it can help you to resolve all the embarrassment. But if can't pick it is easy to show face. So how to talk about knitting hat wearing today ~ about the selection of general and a round face, square face wear a hat is easy to expose the face, can choose the top hat is a little space in the figure, wear it can stand up. Compare a modified face, still can show high, small centrifuge. In addition to the above pointed crown, the crown and the picture with space also, but is not the same shape, the crown square, square face so must avoid! Otherwise the tetris is a walk. Another is more round, the top without too much space of the cap type, basic is wrapped around the head. This kind of cap will appear to be soft, but to face no modification effect, so only suitable for small star. About black most insurance, some bright color clothes can neutralize with black, also can match that light color fastens black hat. If still want to use black dress black knit cap, build a light inside the most like the picture tempered, unapt too depressing, hat also can choose to bring some logo design as the picture. In addition to black, white and grey is a joker color. For the joker color, don't want to appear too drab, in addition to the above said with a logo, also can choose with cat ears on their heads, and the design of dribbling the ball. If the wardrobe has pure color it doesn't matter, can yourself on a few small brooch, could easily break the monotonous! Usually prefer to wear dark base color clothes, or red hat or other bright color fastens can more give prize. Guangzhou Ace hatting factory is approved by the national related department registered enterprises, is a set design, plate making, production, cutting, sewing, embroidery, ironing, packing, which integrates professional hat factory. Professional custom all kinds of hats, welcome to come to consult.
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