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Kong why wear a hat? The cause of the volar hat

by:ACE     2020-08-27
Kong is well-known Hong Kong singer, was once popular in Hong Kong music scene of a great singer, his deepest impression to the person in addition to high distinctive voice, and he wore a cap-factory.com/products' target='_blank'>hat all day long. Kong every time appear in the public eye since debut is cap from head, it is very difficult for even the paparazzi photographed to he took off his hat. So many people are curious about the image of kong took off his hat, also for the cause of his hat is very curious, so kong: why do you want to wear a hat? Why kong hat if not actually makes clear, believes that many people also had the answer in heart, as an artist image is very important, kong has cap from head reason believe that also has a lot to do with image, most likely is the problem with hair loss, hair. Because if the hair is not good-looking, not good-looking, can I make another hairstyle. Kong have hair loss problem in & other; Paparazzi & throughout; Deep under the steak is really solid hammer, correspondent steak to kong 2-inch photo, kong hairline is indeed a bit touching his hat off. So why kong hat is cover for hair loss problem, by the way, for his own image add cent and long-term cap from head can also generate markup, left a deep impression for him in public can be said to be every N come on! Legend still kong pick hat will pick a smaller size, but also with the ancient costume stick head special glue cap, even using double-sided adhesive, in order to guarantee the hat is absolutely cannot leave him on the head. Is true or not is unclear, but Justin lo for hair loss problem in private should be don't care, occasionally hat for air, the company through customs these requirements also consumedly square square not conceal his cap, later also directly shave baldheaded, consumedly square square to appear in front of the public eye. Even shave baldheaded didn't trouble silk, kong still love wear a hat to go out, maybe a hat for him more than just cover the hair problem and image signs, and love!
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