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KAWS have signed a hat? What are the KAWS cap?

by:ACE     2020-08-14
Two days before the uniqlo and KAWS joint launch T-shirt snapped up, and the unprecedented pomp also on major news headlines, but it's no wonder, after all, the word is the famous contemporary artist KAWS marks, and the joint uniqlo product, prices are relatively before joint of DIOR fashion luxury brands such as it is not too much cheaper, so have been snapped up also can be unexpected, understandable. The KAWS and uniqlo joint launch of product with a T-shirt is given priority to, including 12 adults and six children, actually more than this, including KAWS joint launch before most of the products are mainly on clothing, then KAWS joint launch hat products? Below we will with you both hat control and love KAWS design work and friends to share a few KAWS joint production of a hat. KAWS joint air Jordan hat KAWS marked X in line with the chimeric palm prints design, tie-in Jordan trademark logo, brim with flat along the design, handsome movement style, don't know your taste? KAWS joint sesame street fisherman hat KAWS X marks the combination of sesame street each classic characters embroidered logo, with black and white case of fashion and personality on the fisherman hat, fashion and with a lovely. KAWS joint BAPE net cap also the iconic big X, combining KAWS camouflage printed style, make the camouflage net cap has combined with the camouflage style is different with general camouflage hats. Although isn't KAWS joint production of hats, but is also far more than the above a few, but xiaodi bucai not help to find more full style, other has yet to each their own! Sure you KAWS iron powder can be found easily! Can you then you can share with us to share!
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