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Introduction to wear sunbonnet hat manufacturer should pay attention to? How to choose a sun hat?

by:ACE     2020-07-16
Introduction to wear sunbonnet hat manufacturer should pay attention to? How to choose a sun hat? Good to the skin, the same black, in addition to daily often use sunscreen, sun protection of the body also want to do, many people unreal wearing a sun hat to prevent bask in, so summer wear a sun hat to pay attention to? How to choose a sun hat? Pay attention to what 1 wear a sun hat. Hat styles and clothing to match. That is to say, you're wearing a winter clothes, they want to buy a winter hat your hat, to be a bit thick, warm. Likewise, if you wear summer clothes, you wear a hat will be a little bit simple. 2. The color of the hat and the best that you wear the collar is the same color. Hat same materials and clothing, not only can show you a taste of the individual, also can let the people of short stature, looks a bit tall, so it makes up the defect of the stature. 3. Hat to match and the proportion of their bodies. We want to avoid wear a top hat. Tall people, also can't choose the brim hat is too small, so as not to cause people to head light foot heavy feeling. 4. Hat with your head size is appropriate. Hat on his head is too small, will be too tight, uncomfortable, affect the head blood circulation. The hat is too large, not warm, and fall off easily. In general, winter cap should be soft and comfortable, light warm; Choose light, ventilation, summer color light. 5. Hat Dai Jiu, to clean. Wear longer, stick head sweat will be felt in the hat, not to wash, breeds bacteria, wash, wash with warm soapy water and soft brush, and then rinse clean with warm water. 6. Wet hair, don't hurry to wear a hat, will have to wait until the hair dry, can wear a hat. Because, did not work hat, the moisture will affect to our head, will lead to be darkened, heavy depressed feeling unwell, etc. How to choose sun hat general sun hat made of nylon, cotton, cotton blended and mesh shamao, straw hats. Hat is prevented bask in effect is the key to the size of the material density, the naked eye can distinguish. Compared, mesh gauze cap and straw material density is the largest, while wearing cool, but the camouflage effect of the worst, prevent bask in the effect of all too clear; Cotton caps prevent bask in coefficient of up to 1000 above, but the material thicker, summer wear especially easy to perspire. Nylon cap material is qualitative light, very suitable for use in the summer, anti-uv effect is good. In addition to the material, choose hat also according to own actual situation. If you use frequently, such as the outdoor work, or traveling, should choose wide-brimmed hat; Neck short one a half and a narrow edge of hat best; Long hair for women, made around wearing wide-brimmed hat, can get the result of hair care. In conclusion, nylon sunhat sunscreen would be better. Role as the weather is getting hot summer sun hat, a kind of can cover the whole face of the sun hat quietly popular in many cities, there are eye the expert reminds, the so-called & other Prevent bask in eye & throughout; Many sun hat is bad products, not only can not play a role, may also affect the person's eyesight. Walking in the streets, wearing this sun hat most citizens are cycling women and young children. Hang in the small commodity market, this is hot sun hat, the price is in commonly 7 ~ 10 yuan, the similar colored plastic material, can be flexible rotation, can wear like ordinary sun hat, can also as a dark glasses. For customers who said that this kind of uv hat, summer everyone like to buy, have a protective effect, it is not easy to bask in the skin, stimulate an eye. Sun hat what color with light color hat most effect is good. Such as dark black coat absorb sunlight is higher, prevent bask in effect is the worst. And light color coat sunshine reflectivity is as high as 85%, less absorption of solar radiation, prevent bask in effect is better. Bought for a child's sun hat, therefore, to the preferred light color fastens, boys can choose the sky blue, light green; Girls can choose pink, yellow and so on. Guangzhou Ace hatting factory for more than 20 years focused on made hat factory, is one of the minority through BSCI certification hat factory, and through ISO9001:2015 quality management system review. A set design, plate making, production, cutting, sewing, embroidery, ironing, packing in the integration of professional hat factory, professional custom all kinds of hats, welcome to come to consult.
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