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In the printed t-shirts t-shirts from time to tome what method? - Company news - Crown reaches

by:ACE     2020-10-22
Now at ordinary times in life there are a lot of all kinds of clothing, people will be wearing different clothes on different occasions. But in normal daily life everyone will wear simple clothes, like T-shirt and shirt. You are also very like these simple dress, crown reaches a dress is to to you today about the printed t-shirts and t-shirts are need to pay attention to what? For now can be roughly to T-shirt, t-shirts printed basically three types, painting, silk screen printing, transfer printing 3 kinds. Here to see the three categories respectively different characteristics: 1, hand-painted most hand-painted T-shirt, t-shirts are now to finish with prints, of course, there are many with strokes, with pigment is propylene dye and textile dyes, hand-painted T-shirt, t-shirts, costs are relatively high, not suitable for mass production. 2, silk screen printing, silk screen printing is printed t-shirts, t-shirts printing technology of the most used. Silk screen printing technology is relatively complex, the main design, film, printing, printing drying steps. 3, transfer printing, transfer printing technology is a kind of printing technology, popular in these years is the first print ( Printing) On the transfer paper, and then through high temperature and high pressure pattern is printed on the T-shirt fabric, relative to silk screen printing, transfer printing with fast and convenient, the advantages of vivid, but also relatively low color fastness, mass customization cost higher shortcomings. Under the above to introduce about the form of three types of printed t-shirts, t-shirts, take a look at when choosing printing design should pay attention to the points: 1, t-shirts, t-shirts printed with the predecessor to refuse and cuff three position, avoid your design has been from the location of the armhole to the shoulder, because of the small batch printing mostly garment printing, these locations have flat-fell seam will influence the printing effect will increase the cost. 2, try to avoid special color piece, especially the chest, big piece whether you use the mucilage or ink printing will cause when sweating printing position is airtight. 3, choose silk screen printing, to control the color, because the more the number of colors, the higher the cost. Silk screen printing should avoid using the gradient color, because the printed gradients, and can make a big difference in the screen printing on the fabric, after all, and printed on paper are different.
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