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How to match the wide-brimmed hat?

by:ACE     2020-10-21
The role of the hat has a lot of, it can have very good heat preservation effect, below small make up to introduce all kinds of hats collocation mode 1, wide-brimmed hat wide-brimmed hat is usually in the sense of fair maiden cap, because of the style is elegant noble wide-brimmed hat, so is very popular among white-collar miss. Its material generally is lightsome and elegant yarn is given priority to, now also has a lot of is to use special synthetic fabrics. This type of hat in addition to the brim wide brim model transformation is also a highlight of it. Whether is it ruffled edge or irregular shape, give a person the sense with pure and fresh and elegant. This hat matchs skirt bigger picture dress is perfect. 2, sports cap this summer sport cap with cotton or cowboy cloth to big brim design is the most popular. Color is given priority to with black and white and pure color, there are many beautiful printing design is very suitable for young girls. Tall girl, wear the sport cap after their own brave a heroic spirit. 3, the dome cap dome narrow narrow side hat there are two main styles. The first is a cap tube deep, narrow and volume of brim, near the brim ornate and exaggerated, flower my6_7fs deserve to go up again the printed georgette low waist skirt, is a special and 40 s Hollywood star flavour restoring ancient ways. Another kind of narrow hat also called fishing cap, mainly cotton, hat the edge of the brim turned up, have a real summer recreational feeling.
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