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How to distinguish the hat cap number?

by:ACE     2020-10-19
Hat has the effect such as shading, decoration, and protection of warming, it the moment one of many young people like decorations, it is more, the kinds of number of small make up today and will tell you about hat role general adult male cap number is 55 - 56, children caps is 50 - 55, baby hat is 42 - 46. Adult female hat, sun hat and sport cap only points 1 - 3 three. Knitting hat regardless of size, it can scale to deal with, some with weight - G to calculate. Hat is put on the clothing of the head, most can cover the top of the whole head. Is mainly used to protect the head, the edge of the hat will be outstanding, can cover the sun. Hat can be dressed in, also can cover used to protect hair, bald, or as part of the uniform or religious clothing. Can be different types, such as hat, sun hat, etc. Some hat will be a stretch out canopy, called the peak. Wear a hat in different culture has different etiquette, it is especially important in western culture, because the hat is a symbol of social status in the past. In ancient times, without a hat and a towel, people use silk, the hemp towels to baotou or Mr. Bob, southwest minorities now use 'turban' is the legacy of ancient towel. Of their times, for easy to let their troops wear, emperor wudi put towels made from specially contains the shape of the four corners, was called 'FuTou', actually it is the earliest Chinese hat. Later, about beretta gradually changes to the extended two horns, which evolved into their jobs. Out about two horns in a cross, and developed into the military attache of the helmet. Not only the history of China has an old hat, abroad in ancient times will also hat as a symbol of the rights and status. Early Roman, hat is a sign of free legal citizens, slaves can only head block of cloth to cover day to live.
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