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How to choose the fisherman hat?

by:ACE     2020-10-25
Fisherman hat loved by the people more and more in recent years, leisure good fisherman cap, with a lot of style style of dress collocation is no pressure, a hat is very joker, so good-looking and practical hat nature many friends want to buy a watch at the door, then buy the fisherman cap should be how to choose? Crown reaches hatting suggest you can choose from three aspects. 1. Material: the fisherman cap at the beginning is a soft polyester fabric is given priority to, now have more choices, knitting, jeans, etc. But girls can choose a relatively rigid fisherman cap, so it's not that easy to deformation; Second is the comparison of the starched line can modify face, wear up will be a bit more texture. 2. Brim: brim is fisherman hat very distinctive parts, so be sure to choose the right. Want face. The little girl must avoid to face the narrow brim of more prominent, and should choose wide brim fisherman's hat. Brim than the width of the most appropriate crown a little bit longer. Wide brim fisherman's hat can ease head big feeling, but also very fashion. Too long will brim hanging down, it played a counterproductive. 3. Color and design: white skin of girl on the color selection can be a little bold, choose bright also it doesn't matter, but the skin color is not so confident it will be a little bit cautious, because the light is actually the skin black and big face. If you don't want to go wrong, the choice and low-key black and white or dark blue, wine red, the darker color is also very good. Pure color of the hat is concise, as tire enough bright eye. The Logo can also highlight fashionable breath. But some complicated printing is not appropriate, it will make the head. Hope the above points for you to pick the fisherman caps are given to a little help!
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