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How to choose suitable hat manufacturer sharing: the elderly cap?

by:ACE     2020-07-19
How to choose suitable hat manufacturer sharing: the elderly cap? The alternation of summer and fall seasons, holidays and many, many people will go out to travel for fun, the sun or wind is so big, the hat is a must. So now a lot of hat factory can design and produce more different kinds of hats, to satisfy the demand of the market. About Ace hat factory today for you about the old hat which need to pay attention to were selected. 1, the old hat to choose good raw material, the material of hats should with soft, lightweight, good heat preservation performance is advisable. The sebaceous glands function more exuberant, hair oil, to wear the hat breathable, comfortable; Physique weaker people easy to catch a cold, want to made of material or wool hat. Older people prefer to wear a hat, selected and material of the cap should be easy to wash, to facilitate to remove dust and perspiration. Qiu dong, the cotton material or rabbit hair hat, more than heat preservation function good, raw material is very soft, the head will be very comfortable. 2, hat in ensuring heat preservation function good also to pay more attention to the hat permeability, together for the elderly when choosing hats not only pay attention to keep warm is good, but want to be in to make sure to keep warm wind with more attention to the permeability hat. Especially in winter when the weather is cold, the pressure will be bigger than usual, so people will compare difficulty in breathing, so when choosing the old hat is also a demand for attention to matters. 3, the length of the hat to the right, not a hat for the old hat as long as possible, the greater the appropriate to cover the wearer's ear. Otherwise it will affect the hearing of the elderly, the older man's ear the original is not so good, so they also want to pay attention to the details of the pick the old hat. Want to find a hat, hat company, mass customization hat? Guangzhou Ace hat factory, more than 15 years of production and processing custom hat experience, welcome your consultation. The company's official website: http://www. 正泰物流- - - - - - 帽。 com/
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