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How to choose empty hat?

by:ACE     2020-10-17
Empty hat is designed using hollow crown of a hat, its structure is relatively general hat is more a little bit more simple, usually only the brim and cap body two parts, because in the design of the cap body will join a circle shed sweat band to help absorb sweat absorption, prevent wet eyes block line of sight, and the design of the hollow crown let empty hat very breathable and relaxed, so empty hat is deep lovers of sport. So empty hat should be how to choose? Professional manufacturer of hat crown reaches below to share with you. Selected empty hat can according to size, hair style and age points were selected. According to size: fit women, for the selection of the empty hat space is bigger, because the size of what to wear good-looking; And body is stout, the neck is shorter women, you can choose light color, narrow eaves empty hat, if Dai Kuan brim hat, can produce a kind of depressive feeling. According to the hair: long hair girl, can choose a relatively wide brim of empty hat. Short hair girl, choose eaves wide or narrow eaves empty hat are more appropriate. According to the age: young people can choose some color is more lively and light color fastens empty hat, will be more suitable for young friend like sunshine, dynamic image; The middle-aged can choose a few color more dark, style is monotonous empty hat, show the image of mature. You now how to choose empty hat should have a certain understanding. Custom empty hat crown reaches choose professional hat manufacturer.
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