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How much does it cost to add a LOGO on the hat?

by:ACE     2020-07-23
Hat top with Logo will originally drab hat more rich, have the effect of modified hat, 2 will also can be used as a brand, the activities of propaganda way, let advertising played a more natural not deliberately. In any enterprise or individual in custom hat was all like printing LOGO, but print LOGO need materials, artificial cost is inevitable, so hat add a LOGO above the general how many money? Ace today to discuss this topic with you. By process type is the price of printing LOGO, LOGO requirement and jointly decided by the number of these elements. This price and we talked before a custom hat feeling about. Process: the hat LOGO process type are many, such as common embroidery, 3 d embroidery, printing, thermal transfer, metal badge and LOGO, LOGO and so on, different process for equipment and artificial demand is different, so will also directly affect the price of the custom is different, such as embroidery need embroidery machine, and printing need printing machine, the equipment operation also need corresponding professional operator. LOGO: even if use the same LOGO of the production process, but is determined by the requirements of the LOGO and complexity will also cause some differences to custom price, such as simply add a & other; Ace” Embroidered with the words, the use of monochrome, and use a variety of color embroidery price is different also, because the manufacture difficulty and the cost of material will increase. Quantity: quantity, as well as custom hat, the relative price will a bit lower, but at the time of custom hats printing LOGO price also can add in the cost of the whole custom, so may be it is not obvious. So make sure that the price of the printing LOGO, first, the customer should make sure that good style and technology of the LOGO, although some styles determine good but also not necessarily can use customer wants to process implementation, so the customer determine the good style and technology of the LOGO also need to be determined after docking with business communication can be fulfilled. In the above we have been looking for manufacturers is based on mass customization of selecting the printing logo hat, we can't rule out some friends is hand has a hat or a blank of hope in the above some logo printing, for this type of printing logo, a low number of first, basic need not consider looking for a manufacturer to inquiry because personal custom number is too low, factory will not do, can consider to DIY or find taobao and some manual shop advisory, and because this kind of hat is finished so blank logo will be a lot of limitation, thus there are a lot of the process is not used. In summary and custom caps, to determine the price of the printing logo or first to determine the style of the logo and the production process, and the requirement of the general printing logo in front of the custom hats would be better, because the logo is not hat last process of production, but in the process of production of thrust, so just finished hat printing logo relatively will be more difficult, some process can not achieve.
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