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How much custom hats? What price is reasonable?

by:ACE     2020-07-27
Custom hat when the price is a lot of customers are concerned, indeed the price to make our custom hats when an important reference index, so custom hats need how many money? What the price is reasonable? Hat manufacturer Ace will share with you the below. First, we need to know the price of custom hats is not fixed, but determined by different factors together. The key factors of hat custom prices generally have a hat style, the choice of material, the use of technology ( Custom LOGO, embroidery, printing, etc. ) The number of custom, etc. Style: different styles of hat production steps and difficulty are each have differences, such as cap and fisherman hat production way is very different, so the custom of different design hat, natural need to customize the unit price will also differ. Material: hat customized material choice of very extensive, denim, knitted fabrics, cotton fabrics, cashmere, leather, PU, etc. , different fabrics purchasing price is not the same, natural to customize the hat unit price also can have influence. Process: different process needs different processes and equipment and the corresponding human resources, etc. , so the custom price nature is not the same, even the same kind of technology, such as embroidery, need to embroider the complexity of the design and work requirements will also affect the final hat custom unit price, so in the quotation for the customer when we will need customer to confirm good technological requirements. Quantity: custom hat is different from retail, because each hat needs a complete production process, on the material, human resources, will produce cost, the more the number of custom relative to the cost of relatively lower, so the more general custom, custom price is lower. Believe that most of the friends will shop around when choosing a hat manufacturer, reference manufacturers give more custom price, but the price is reasonable is not only look at high and low, depending on the quality and productivity, and so on. So make sure that the price is reasonable, the Ace that the best home can inspect factory, condition limits can also be proofing compared the quality first. Custom hat choose professional manufacturers.
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