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How is not easy to wear out hat custom manufacturer share beret skills

by:ACE     2020-07-13
This year the most popular is the beret, hold the wind is big, small make up also with a pink hat, wear western style a lot of moment, but for the big girl wear, head of the little girl easy to drop, how to solve? Hat custom manufacturer of small make up today to share with you how beret is not easy to wear off skills fixed method of wearing a beret: sew bang stick in the lining of beret, wear a hat when notice posted on the hair bang. If a bang stick can't hold the hat, then two. Then remind everybody, seam bang stick only seam lining is good, don't give tore into the outside. Believe you also don't want to put himself upon the mass of the needle and thread dew. Sew bang stick on the beret, can once and for all, a wear can go out, don't have to spend time with a clip card, is suitable for more at ordinary times busy sister. Fixed wearing berets method 2: with bb clip. Usage and bang stick, bb cracks inside the beret caps. Bb clip can be used to fixed a wig. Used to fixed beret was a piece of cake. The typhoon day out all not afraid, as long as in the hair, hat on. Want to wear a beret when movement, the method of wearing it. Fixed wearing berets method three: use clamps. This pretty elementary method, is suitable for the friend don't want to sew on berets. In indoor activity at ordinary times, with clincher, no problem at all. Put a beret to head first, and then with his left hand holding the front beret contact with hair, from the back of the head will beret on the right and a turn. This time, again with the right hand along with the front end cap with clip hair stuck. The beret put back again good, is complete. Is it easy? Finally guangzhou Ace hatting factory is a professional custom hat factory, has the need to customize the beret dear friends contact us oh, quality is absolutely guaranteed.
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