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How is child's hat circumference and hat size?

by:ACE     2020-11-02
The weather gradually cool, parents would give the baby to buy a hat to keep warm, but most parents will face such a problem when buying a hat, is to choose good style, choose good color but you don't know what to choose for your baby very hat, here small make up for the baby to tell you how to choose a suitable hat. How's that? Mother ready? Pick up the flexible rule, give baby head circumference measurement. But when the volume of the head circumference must especially pay attention to, the following list out one by one to you: 1, measurement, signal can not be too loose or too tight, otherwise measured data will not be accurate. 2, measuring the flexible rule cannot too soft, otherwise measured data will be too. 3, the female baby if you have any small plait tied at ordinary times, remember the plait disperse measurement, it is as a mother how to measure standard data will not occur. Is to introduce the above mother home self-test, not as a final judgment, such as to get professional data, also please mother take the baby to special inspection agencies, such as health care, etc. , by his doctor to give measurements. Finally, also hope that the above knowledge to be of help!
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