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How hip-hop cap?

by:ACE     2020-10-21
Before the China has hip hop, 'followed by' this is the street dance 'with all kinds of cover elements of hip hop show hit, the collocation of hip-hop style loved by the people more and more, and the large number of young people to follow, such as hip-hop cap often appear in our field of vision, it becomes more and more dish with, crooked take all wear hip-hop cap, appear individual character is dye-in-the-wood, the hip-hop cap how wear look better? Hip-hop cap to wear good-looking to match first, and your clothes match, and your face; Except to integral collocation with you hip-hop cap to wear good-looking also need itself quality pass, just think if is wearing a embroidered lines, cap body deformation of the hip-hop cap, that you give a queer wu wear is not pretty. So want to hip-hop cap to wear good-looking, first to choose for a hip-hop cap. The right hip hop cap is half the battle, then she diverts it, considering how good-looking? Generally the hip-hop cap wear can be divided into three kinds of common method, is wear and anti wear and edge, as to which one is good-looking? Or that sentence, the collocation, this should be the style is tie-in, if it is more casual, is a bit more normal dish to wear, so that the overall image is harmonious, highlight handsome, lively image; If the clothing style of whole is individual character, can choose side wear or wear, both wear method more individuality, give a person a kind of mind, the new new feeling, as for the choice of which depends on the specific style, which one is more suitable for wearing method or watch your personal favorite. Hip-hop cap at the end of the day or a clothes, to wear good-looking cultured or collocation, so choose to appropriate collocation, how to wear will be very good-looking!
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