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Hat what you do? DIY hat than custom hat?

by:ACE     2020-06-18
Themselves have ample food and clothing, for like physically, beginning ability is stronger, more free time, DIY is their very favorite hobbies. And in numerous DIY activities, hat is more people choose, do you want hat? Many want to do your own hat but don't know how to start friends will ask. Professional custom hats Ace is here with you of amway has a relatively good DIY hat website & ndash; — Weave a life, there are a lot of knitting hat weaving tutorial. , of course, also limited to knit cap, because word of DIY hat with the exception of the knitted cap like a cap, fisherman hat, the hip hop cap cap of DIY is not realistic to yourself and the specific articles in 'how to do the hat' before we also have mentioned that you are interested can go to look at. Hat is, of course, if you want to DIY paper hat, also can't meet you this site, like paper hat making words, you can ask baidu ^ - ^。 DIY hat can satisfy the desire of our DIY, of course, after the completion of the also is full of a sense of pride, but the DIY hat and custom which is better? Ace think in terms of the quality of the overall degree of hat manufacturer of custom sure no matter size, process it will be more accurate, but as far as the fabric, if it is not necessarily the environmental health, natural conscience like Ace manufacturer does not have these concerns, but there are some 'dirty' manufacturer or small workshops just might fabrics with defective products, environmental protection health supervision is not strict, considering these, of course, is DIY DIY hat will be more trustworthy. As mentioned above custom hat than there is a DIY hat is absolutely superior point style variety, DIY hat can only be limited to the knitted hat, and there is no printing, embroidery process, such as on design is absolutely better than a bad custom hat. To sum up, the Ace sums up sewing small DIY hat and custom which is better? If you are pursuing your own satisfaction or entertainment in your spare time, or making a gift with a heart for who DIY hat is a better choice for you, if want to pursue fashion collocation custom hats will be better!
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