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Hat type, how many types do you know?

by:ACE     2020-07-05
Hat we usually see more, baseball caps, fisherman hat, hip-hop cap, straw hat names are catchy, so hat how many types? Can you agree that all? Hat manufacturer under the Ace will share with you the various types of hats, there is one thing missing welcome supplement! Hat type actually according to the different distribution has a different name, but is actually the same kind of hat, such as straw hats, straw hat is called straw hat because it is mat grass, weeds and other materials made by way of straw, but from its style, modelling based on straw hat can also be referred to as the fisherman hat. Today we are classified mainly from the style. 1. Baseball cap, baseball cap should be the most common type of hat styles, hat brim and stretch forward, because out of the brim is somewhat like a duck mouth so have said cap, but the traditional cap actually otherwise its cap, later we introduce to you again. We have a lot of friends will think of baseball cap is curved eaves, but straight eaves are baseball cap, just some friends may be more used to call the hip-hop cap. 2. Cap cap worn when less popular with the hunters hunting at the beginning, so there are referred to as the hunter hat, hat and cap and the integration of design, with unique fluid lines, the overall image and the duck mouth like therefore named cap, but this style of cap is not as popular, the design of baseball cap popularization are relatively high, therefore will have a lot of people think baseball cap is a cap, cap and don't know if it is more formal. 3. Net cap generally refers to use breathable mesh fabrics custom hat, English name is trucker hat, so there is also a trucker hats and appearance with a baseball cap on the same, the general net cap hat prefrontal cortex would be higher. 4. Finalize the cap shape cap is about a series of solid type of hat collectively, including Sir Hat, straw hat, felt hat, and so on, because the number of classification also pretty much, not separate out, respectively, said one by one, and also including like straw hat can be classified as multiple types of styles, so separate out as if also is not very good are separated, so we will have the lazy them all into shape cap. Finalize the cap while these hats collectively, but in fact the word popularity is not very high, like jazz cap rarely somebody will it be shaped cap, and finalize the cap does not jazz cap well. 5. Flat hat flat hat crown design and its name is flat, flat hat often give a person a kind of military handsome cool style, and the design of a flat hat design also is indeed a military style. 6. Knitting hat knitting hat believe that everyone's familiar with, use of wool fabrics to make a hat, such as machines with can make, so also is the choice of many DIY hat, use of wool fabrics knitted hat is very warm, so a hat is very popular in winter. 7. Fisherman cap, fisherman hat round design, 360 degrees around the brim of, have a good shade effect, although the feeling seems to finalize the cap of Sir Felt hat, hat is a little similar, but the fisherman hat is soft and folding are a feature of it, because of easy to carry, so it is quite suitable for wearing a hat style is also a tourist travel. 8. Empty hat empty hat no crown design let it have other hat styles that the permeability, empty hat there design usually absorb sweat band, prevent sweat into eyes influence line of sight, and can effectively keep out sunshine brim, the whole design of the empty hat is designed for outdoor sports, but it did not live up to these specific design, become a lot of favorite products of outdoor enthusiasts. The hat type of may not be too full, if you have found other more hat style added welcome at any time. To see more of hat display center there are a lot of our products, welcome everyone to see!
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