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Hat some of the basic knowledge

by:ACE     2020-07-06
Hat we wear more at ordinary times, for the hat we are probably more concerned about wear up very good-looking, some basic knowledge for hat may be a lot of friends all don't know, professional custom hat under the Ace hat will tell you about hat what are the basic knowledge. First of all, tell me about the size of the hat representation, general is & other; No. & throughout; To represent. Hat label position is under the cap inner ring, use a tape measure cap ring circumference in the mouth, the data size is the cap. “ No. & throughout; Based on size of head circumference. Hat take number method is to use quantity of tape measure around the head, Through one of the most prominent forehead and head back part) Slightly can turn a week, tape measure, head circumference of head circumference size at this time. According to the size of head circumference cap number one. The hat of the specifications of the starting with the no. 46, no. 46 ~ 56 as beanie, 55 ~ 60 # for adult hat, more than 60 for extra large caps. The series number between arithmetic to 1 cm. Hat is usually quality from the specifications, shape, materials, make a few aspects to reflect. Specifically, the sizes should conform to the requirements of the standard; Should and generous shape, reasonable structure, each part is symmetrical or coordination; Materials should comply with the requirements. Monochrome cap each part should be colour and lustre is consistent, each part of the design and color cap should be color coordination; The weft yarn error-free, deflection, fabric dollars obviously residual defects; Leather face hair neatly, without dropping, bug eat by moth phenomenon; Accessory is complete; Brim has a certain hardness. Hat parts position should comply with the requirements, the suture and tidy, with reasonable fabric color, line, line and straight needle jumping phenomenon; Attach cap mouth without obvious concave waist, attach eaves, stuck for; Knit cap are not allowed to have quite uneven surface, elastic, decorative pattern is not neat; Cotton padded cap in the cotton should be spread evenly, line density appropriate; Hat decoration should be correct, coordination; Embroidery pattern does not walk, not wrinkle; When finishing, beautiful, the hat without screw driven phenomenon; Hat the overall clean, no stains, no crease, without damage, etc. Custom hats to choose professional hat manufacturer, Ace hat hat custom experience up to 20 years, understand hat, understand design, do the hat is on!
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