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Hat manufacturers share conquer fur hats tips here!

by:ACE     2020-07-08
Hat manufacturers share conquer fur hats tips here! Walking on streets of minus a few degrees below zero, from fashionistas to tramp, fur hats is a popular item, it does not only put an end to the cold wind, let us away from migraines, best saviour is hair wrong. Also in windy Taiwan, wool hat seldom appeared in the streets, after investigation, found that many friends are wool hat bitter hand? Most often heard of trouble is like a cancer patient, or to wear fur hats, face more round more longer, so we are struggling to conquer the wool cap method, according to the different wool hat styles, deserve to go up relatively little trick, hope after read the article, all men and women friends, from wool hat bitter hand incarnation wool cap, embraced fur hats to wear, protect the brain. Basic fur hats four tips basic fur hats because what clothing styles are build, believes that many people have of below this fur hat, it is good, ordinary to the fullest, obviously it can modify your face, like the most popular false without makeup makeup, is full of all but everyone like. Tips 1: people can walk round face and short face top hat style, hats to cover the temples and two-thirds of the ear, the top up, after a dab hand, face the instant elongated, ensure that go out and everyone will say you how thin! Tips 2: face are suitable for a reflex, hat front lines radian is flat, clear sea, ear cover only a third, these tips can add a horizontal visual feeling, in addition, the end of a hat down to the neck, let the spare part, slightly draped in the back of the head, through empirical comparison, long face will not become shorter, but also won't because the wool hat and lengthen, finally we also can enjoy the benefits of wool cap! How to avoid like cancer patients? The trick is to expose the forehead hair, according to the observation of the black men in the street, even if it is a separate, they will also show 1 - 2 cm area of the hair, hair line and sideburns or beard, is not afraid to be mistaken for the patient. Tips 3: common fisherman hat method in New York, is rarely seen in Taiwan to, gimmick extremely simple, was up for two to three times, would look like a little hat? A cap on two hat wearing method, the small endowment person, how can not love! Tips 4: in addition to the whole top reflex, more recommended impreaaion nip in front or behind, only add a little administrative levels feeling and sex appeal, want to become a master of wool hat? Than don't elaborate on the pins, small opportunely will make the hat become the world's only sheet is tasted, can also show excellent wear build skills challenge to play after the introductory paragraph, please follow us to continue to conquer the advanced model fur hats & ndash; Languid is lazy hat and the ball ball fur hats, envy others the era of MAO cap has passed, the world is not compatible or not a wool hat face, will only wear problem! Advanced round 1: Slouchy Beanie Hat Hat lazy languid is lazy Hat hard drive? The trick is very simple, a hat and lighter, pull hat leading edge in the future, show clear sea or forehead, get more caps are stacked on the back of the head, forehead brim can scroll up slightly, increased administrative levels feeling. Men besides can pull clear sea, also can back, stuffed into a hat, a little peng degrees, show hair line and baby hair, so clean out sharply type and shape, also is very sexy. Don't know whether you are confused on the wool hat and sunglasses? America is cold in winter, it often out of the sun, so we will see the wool hat and sunglasses, but it is not suitable for rainy in Taiwan, so please think twice before you want to imitate, passers-by type is not think you are very handsome very, but think you're strange! ! Premium: the second round Bobbie Beanie Hat ball ball cap male friends don't think MAO hair ball cap is too childish, it can let you in mature male charm, out of the big boy temperament ( Quietly said: a lot of girls showed no resistance to big boy temperament completely ~) , men how to conquer the ball ball fur hats? Methods are very simple and she wears a hat back as far as possible, show in front of the clear sea, wool hat trailing edge back low to the neck in the middle position, ear cover two-thirds, let the ball ball hanging in the position of the back of the head, will look a little nifty feeling, but not to the realm of cute. Cold cap hat manufacturer of small make up to introduce knowledge is more than the content. If you want to processing custom hats, please visit the Ace hatting factory's website. Guangzhou Ace hatting factory is one of the minority through BSCI certification hat factory, and through ISO9001:2015 quality management system review.
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