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Hat manufacturers share 2018 autumn and winter wear a hat?

by:ACE     2020-07-09
Hat manufacturers share 2018 autumn and winter wear a hat? Hat and hair, glasses, on the face has a request, everything wear what all good, oval, heart-shaped face problems face have specific countermeasures. If you head is very big, please cover your injured heart while watching. Not all of the cap is baseball cap. Fashionable style is left the brim curved, crown softer, joint head type. Never buy the right kind of flat brim, squarish ugly truck cap. In addition to the big cheeks and short face, Face will be eaten) And a baseball cap most suitable. Love tips: wide brim of small face, show face long hat deep oh ~ though common sense on it is the summer item, but in fact as long as the substituted material, autumn and winter wear ok as well. One is their own sense of senior suede material, now the most popular female who have worn this year. Like ms Hadid ( Gigi & middot; Hadid) So the more drag baseball cap. Gold little sister Kylie Jenner ( Kelly & middot; Jenna) Wear a baseball cap is a cautionary tale, makeup of avoid by all means is too strong, and style with the handsome hat don't match. Is another kind of corduroy, special match on these autumn/winter wine red, brown color, looks very warm. As to the outfit, a small baseball cap made of ordinary modelling sublimation a little, a bit cool. With the essence of it is to mix build, that Rihanna, Rihanna) Had the highest, she often think of baseball caps and high heels, big earrings, sexy dress up together. Generally learn not to, you can in such structured like coats, small suit item, with a baseball cap to get interesting shape. Guangzhou Ace hatting factory is one specialized is engaged in the adult hat, child hat processing customized hat manufacturer, has been mature and perfect production experience for many years, mainly for the international big brand hat and domestic well-known brand hat supplier, provide OEM custom hat and ODM customization service.
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