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Hat manufacturer to discuss methods of production

by:ACE     2020-07-16
Professional hat manufacturer to tell you hat making method can be roughly divided into compression molding, such as cutting, shaping, knitting method. Compression molding materials adopt felt, and finalize the design will be felt in the mold, and finalize the design after edge sewing. Tailoring sewing of the reentry after some hat by moulding, and decorated with flowers, ribbons and other content, the effect is better. Some beret, edge by moulding the little hat is legal. Shaping method refers to the plastic, rubber and other materials in special molds, finalize the design, after additional lining, supports. Helmet number by law. Particularly in the production of knitting method in the hat. Braided material with rope line, wicker, bamboo grew, wheat straw, hemp, grass, etc. The treated fiber. Knitting method are many, there are whole again after knitting, local bend to suture; Dense knot, hollow out bend, double and multilayer braided modelling unique, beautiful, applicable, on the basis of the bend can also add lace, flowers, bead piece, feathers, etc. This method is popular, enduring, popular with people. Cutting method is the most widely used of the sewing method. According to the design requirements, to cut into certain shape, deserve to go up in material, accessories sewing. Cutting method, the first thing to understand hat the size of the basic source, and then on the basic deformation to create them. Custom hat choose professional hat manufacturer & ndash; — Ace hat!
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